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SimSpace Cyber Range

Rapidly define and build custom networks on demand in a fully isolated and safe environment.

What is a Cyber Range?

  • Infrastructure that supports testing, training, exercises or mission rehearsal events
  • Realistic presentation of the networks, infrastructure, tools and threat
  • Safe and controlled environment for live-fire attacks and disruptive effects
  • Ability to define, create, control, monitor, instrument, score and sanitize the environment
  • Ability to secure and protect the customer's data

How Does it Work ?

Build Networks

Depending on your circumstances, you can customize and extend existing predefined networks or you can generate an entire network tailored to meet your specific organizational needs. We have developed the tools necessary to rapidly create, configure and validate your own customized virtual environment.

Run Virtual Networks

Simspace provides the most advanced user-modeling and traffic generation capability available to make the range come to life. To create high-fidelity clones of networks, whether they are predefined or tailored, we build more than just the hosts, servers and infrastructure to match the architecture. We also integrate defensive and offensive tools, offering the most advanced zero-day emulation threat capability against every host in your own Cyber Range.

Data Analysis & Assessment

Now that we have provided you with a realistic environment and the ability to recreate sophisticated adversaries, how will your cybersecurity team and the tools they rely on perform? In order to answer these questions, we have developed a suite of assessment tools to collect and analyze data. Your Cyber Range is a highly instrumented environment that can provide insights into the defensive effectiveness of your team as well as the impact to your organization’s cyber environment from an attack. We can help you understand what were the specific attackers actions and movements performed, how many virtual users experienced service disruptions, what was the response time for the defenders to detect and identify the attacker, repel them from the network, and if required restore business operations, and we inform you of the mission impact during the attack. For each testing or training objective, we able to capture specific objective performance metrics and allow you access to your team’s effectiveness and, over time, their rate of improvement.



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