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About SimSpace

SimSpace is an early stage cyber security software company offering state-of-the art network emulation and modeling tools for realistic cyber training, assessment, and hardening.

SimSpace’s Cyber Range software suite provides network security and risk management managers tools for efficiently cloning a company’s production network in order to train, assess, react, and revise employing realistic usage models and simulated user environments.

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SimSpace was initially formed by cybersecurity experts from key cyber thought leaders and practitioners. Our team is comprised of elements drawn from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory (MIT LL) and the US Military. SimSpace’s senior leadership has worked together for several years in various capacities focused on the challenges SimSpace is now addressing with its software tools. Our core development team spent much of the last decade focused on improving the capability to rapidly build large-scale, high-fidelity, and stable network models and simulations for use in classified applications. As a result, our technical team has extensive experience in developing and integrating network activity replay and mission impact capabilities for complex networks. SimSpace leverages these skills and the company’s applications in making significant strides in measuring and assessing effective team cyber defense. Our development tools have been carefully tested and validated in both small-scale experiments as well as large-force training exercises.

SimSpace is a Delaware C corporation headquartered in Boston, MA.



Meet the leadership behind SimSpace

William Hutchison

CEO, Co Founder

Lee Rossey

CTO, Co Founder

Ron Gorman

Chief of Staff


Meet the team members behind SimSpace

Michael Beynon

Director of Engineering

Robert Cashman

Senior Software Engineer

Ma`ayan Castel

Lead UI/UX Designer

Jon Curran

Cybersecurity Instructor

James DelReal

DevOps Engineer

Sam Gelineau

Senior Software Engineer

Sherman Grayson

Red Team Ops Lead

Kyle Gwinnup

Senior Software Engineer

Duane Houser

Senior Cybersecurity Planner

Tom Klemas

Principal Engineer

Dylan Khor

Range DevOps Co-op

Matt Morrison

Red Team Operator

Carlos Rivera

Red Team Operator

Matt Russell

Lead Software Engineer

Brian Shook

Senior Cyber Analyst

Axis Sivitz

Software Engineer

Timothy Walters

Senior Cyber Range Engineer

Paul Winter

Director of Operations

Lauren Yanko

Senior Designer

Luke Zirngibl

Front-end Engineer



320 Congress Street
Suite 6B
Boston, MA 02210

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