Cyber Readiness,

Evolving faster than today’s threat landscape, SimSpace delivers cyber risk mitigation for networks of any size or complexity through modeling, quantifying, and enhancing security efficacy

SimSpace at a Glance

Highest Fidelity Cyber Range

Use or rapidly customize industry-specific ranges to model, tune, and optimize your security stack

Coverage of both IT and OT attack surfaces

Forget generic training—uplevel your team in a range that accurately reflects your production

Model impact of proposed business strategies—cloud transformations, mergers, product integrations, etc

Enhanced challenge and realism through advanced emulation of users and threat actors

Cyber Risk Assessment

Deconstruct and quantify cyber risk

Model strategies, prioritize investments, and tune security programs

Prepare and enhance security efficacy and defensive success rates

Precise measurement of key performance indicators

Assemble CISO-level insights across IT security program

Organizational Readiness

A birds-eye view of defensive team activities

Team exercises, mission rehearsals, and individual enhancement

Customizable training and assessment modules

Highest fidelity training environments

Analytics on team and individual performance

Our Cyber Range Products

The highest fidelity, most sophisticated, most complete, and most effective commercial cyber range platform—within hosted, on-prem, or appliance deployment options.

Risk Assessments

Independent assessments of organizational cybersecurity ratings for all or part of your security

Product Scoring

Identify the most effective cybersecurity products with the lowest impact on IT systems, users, and business operations


Dynamically assess, train, and develop cybersecurity personnel


Access several assessment, training, and practice event types, including: Capture The Flag, Red vs. Blue, and Mission Rehearsal


Effortlessly and rapidly build controlled networks that are secure, scalable, and customizable inside the SimSpace Cyber Range


Individual and team-based training in a secure, controlled environment

Candidate Selection

Screen prospective candidates for cybersecurity knowledge

Deep Learning Content

Covering cybersecurity fundamentals to advanced graduate-level training and challenges

What Our Customers Say

SimSpace is the most realistic cyber range available. It feels just like our production network.

- Senior Cybersecurity Expert

Top 5 US Bank

There's no better feeling than to watch a new attack unfold for the second time.

- Global Practice Leader

Leading Global Consultancy

Your labs far, far, far exceed any expectations I ever had.


Global Financial Institution

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