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Don't just plan for the future. Simulate it.

SimSpace is the visionary yet practical platform for measuring how your security system responds under actual, sustained attack. We are moving global business from total denial to full preparedness.

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From the Department of Defense to defending your network

The principles and methods behind SimSpace were born in the crucible of the Department of Defense. They call it "train like you fight." We have advanced and refined those simulation skills — leveraging Red, Blue and White Teams — for the everyday realities of enterprise companies. We predict to protect.

Find what's broken and fix it quickly.

The gap between what security systems promise in their marketing, and what they deliver in action, is real. Is dangerous. And can be closed. With SimSpace you can put on your eyeglasses of the future, and watch your network behave when subjected to a variety of real-world attacks.

There's no better feeling than to watch a new attack unfold for the second time.

Our clients never have to face a new attack. Every attack is actually one they’ve seen many times before. Each exposure makes them better able to withstand it in real time. We enable them not only to test their cyber-defenses, but to prove their processes against the intensity and uncertainty of aggressive bombardment.

Customer References
SimSpace is the most realistic cyber range available. It feels just like our production network.
- Senior Cybersecurity Expert, Top 5 US Bank
SimSpace increases the proficiency needed to achieve operational readiness and decreases the time required to achieve certification of Cyber Mission Forces (CMFs).
- 2017 DoD Study
Leadership Team
William Hutchison
CEO & Co Founder
Lee Rossey
CTO & Co Founder
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